2008 National Environmental Partnership Summit in Baltimore - Small Business Training

From the EPA:

"Join us this May at the 2008 National Environmental Partnership Summit in Baltimore for an EPA, two-session, interactive workshop – Helping Small Business and the Environment. The first half of this EPA training will help small businesses increase their success in getting contracts with EPA. The second half of the training will focus on green business practices and staying ahead of the curve with regards to environmental and business compliance standards in the federal procurement process."

Based on our past experience with Federal Small Business Programs in general (a quagmire and a nightmare) and EPA, specifically, we doubt this seminar will be helpful. Make up your own mind.

See: http://www.environmentalsummit.org/agenda.cfm?xdl=705#SLOT705

For more information, contact:

Paula Zampieri
EPA Office of Small Business Programs
(OSBP, formerly the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business
Utilization (OSDBU))
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
mail code (1230T)
Washington, DC 20460
Phone: (202) 566-2496
fax: (202) 566-0548


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