Technology Commercialization Showcase for Women & Minorities - Yuxi Song, Xiaoxiao Yin, CIR 2011 Interns

We attended the Technology Commercialization Showcase for Women & Minorities this morning, June 8, 2011, at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The event was sponsored by IWIF: "IWIF Workers’ Compensation Insurance has specialized in providing workers’ compensation insurance to Maryland businesses since 1914." IWIF opened the Showcase with a brief introduction about itself and its core business.

Dr. Robert L. Wallace delivered a 30-minute lecture on utilizing strategic partnerships for commercialization success in technology and outlined 12 steps to building a good partnership:

1. Building trust
2. Get your "mogo" working ( mogo means: mission, objectives, goals, opportunity);
3. Maximize client pain IQ;
4. Know thyself ( limitation, strength and value);
5. Know thy partner;
6. 360 review;
7. Embracing the boulder;
8. Determine the alpha project;
9. Remaining independent;
10. Embracing the porcupine;
11. Joint venture continuum;
12. Transition strategies.

Dr. Wallace "co chairs the Commerce Committee for the Maryland/Liberia Sister State Agreement and serves on numerous boards, including the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board, the Tech Council of Maryland, the Kennedy Krieger Institute, and the Baltimore Center Stage Playhouse."

Four panelists gave short presentations about technology transfer. The Showcase ended with a discussion of success stories.

Overall, we found the event very useful and interesting. It opened our minds and generated many ideas about the application of technology in business.

Yuxi Song, Xiaoxiao Yin, CIR Interns and MBA Candidates, 2012, American University Kogod Business School.


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