Dow down 1,500 points. Black unemployment reported at 7.7%.

As we noted on 12/30/17 when we released our 2018 Economic Forecast, "We anticipate the following: 1. Interest rates. Increasing. 2. Market volatility. We expect a major spike. 3. Bitcoin. Gaining traction, especially in light of increased traditional market volatility. 4. Equity returns. Lower than 2017. 5. Black Unemployment. Black unemployment falls at the end of a sustained period of domestic economic growth and falls with a decline in immigration. This is counterbalanced, however, by increasing racism in general and specifically negative, anti-Black racial attitudes. Given an increase in the latter, we expect Black unemployment to increase toward the end of 2018, despite positive headwinds from reduced immigration." Black unemployment was reported at 7.7%. The Dow is down 1,500 points. For more, see:  


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