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Emerging Markets & Diversity Conferences

Two conferences on Diversity highlight the growing recognition of market opportunities in this sector.

The first is the 3rd Annual Mortgage Industry Emerging Markets and Diversity Conference. This is being billed as an opportunity to compete for origination opportunities and to preserve communities. It will be interesting to see if they mention recent reports noting racial bias in subprime mortgage lending.

The second is the 14th Annual Ethnic and Multicultural Marketing Omnibus. November 1 - 2, 2007 in Chicago. We (Creative Investment Research, Inc.) are a media sponsor for this event, billed as an opportunity to

"join a star team of Fortune 1000 clients and trail-blazers in multicultural marketing on the most successful ways of engaging the still growing and booming Multicultural Economy in the United States. One fifth of the nearly $10 Trillion in total U.S. buying power will come from the diverse multicultural segments. Learn how your brands can get a lion’s share of this…

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