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SEC v Citi - First response to new briefs

Selected highlights from the Appeals Court Brief filed yesterday by the SEC:

"As one example, the same district judge who rejected the consent judgment here approved a consent judgment in which Worldcom agreed to injunctive relief—and later, a $750 million penalty, one of the largest ever obtained by the Commission—without admitting or denying the fraud allegations in the complaint."

Irrelevant, since they refer to a different time and industry. More importantly, a $750 million dollar fine in 2002 translates into a $962 million dollar fine in 2012. Or a $285 million dollar fine is only $223 million in 2002 dollars.

The SEC notes that "BP resolved charges that it violated the Clean Air Act in connection with the Texas City refinery explosion, which killed 15 people and injured 170, by entering into a consent judgment that ordered it to undertake an array of remedial measures and pay one of the largest civil penalties ever assessed for Clean Air Act violations at an individ…

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